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What do you dream of?


Sometimes my dreams are calm and beautiful . . .
Sometimes my dreams are weird and scary . . .


Did you dream of a desert island or of floating in the clouds last night?


Visitors to Explore-at-Bristol have shared their dreams by writing them down and posting them on our 'Dreams board'.

Here are some of them . . .


I dream about my rabbits and wonder what they are doing.

Megan, age 9


I often dream about all my teeth falling out.



When I was about 10, I dreamed I was being crushed by a lot of snakes. I kept telling my brother to go and get help but he just sat and stared!

Ruth, age 40


I always dream that I'm late for something but I wake up before I get there.

Kate, age 31


I dreamed I was standing outside a cinema trying to decide whether to see a film about the King Edward potato or the Maris Piper potato.

Carla, age 33


I dream of a huge talking snake which turns into a car taking me from Australia to England in an hour.



In my dreams I often go to a shopping mall in Birmingham and chat to people I haven't seen for years.



In my dream I eat all the sweets in the world and never get sick or fat, so I kept on eating and still didn't get fat.

Ellie, age 6


I once dreamed of falling off a cliff. I blinked and I was at the top again!

Kyle, age 12


I dreamt I was chased around a fairground by a monster, then I realised I was asleep and changed the monster into a big teddy bear.

Emma, age 24


I dreamt that I was a princess.

Lois, age 6


I dreamt Mr Jones was the King of the Universe and he banned crisps, fizzy drinks and chocolate. I was caught with crisps and they wanted to hang me.

A.M, age 11


I dreamt of Cindy Crawford and a crate of Brown Ale!

Ian, age 28


I dreamed that we won the lottery and bought a house off my uncle and it was really big and scary. It had loads of different rooms which were all different colours inside and I was trying to decide which one to sleep in.



I dream I'm a golden eagle soaring in a clear blue sky, in a world without humans.



I dreamed about a big fat ugly four eyed monster - which is purple.

Elizabeth, age 9


I dreamed about witches and I flied with them. And I got caught. I was happy.

Nathan, age 5


In my dreams I can tell myself it's only a dream and then I do really outrageous things because I know I can - or I can make myself fly.



My worst dream was about a monster. It was in my room when I was asleep and when I woke up I was in a monster's room and my mum wasn't there and I creeped to get her and we went home.

Laura, age 6


I dream that I am a fish and that I turn into a human.

Christina, age 9


I dream about a T-Rex on Earth and it's in my house.

Cameron, age 7


I dreamed I could fly and got away from all the horrible people.

J, age 29


I had a dream I fell and fell but never hit the bottom.



I dream about cycling through meadows and then playing in a stream. After that I'm hungry so we have a picnic with lots of chocolate cake.



When I was 7, every night I dreamed I went flying with the fairies. We flew up and over the park and all around that part of London. I usually met up with my friend Cindy - who could also fly!

Penny, age 32

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