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Their Amazing Brains


Ever fancied being a brain scientist? Or a science communicator? Or an artist enthused by science? Meet some inspirational individuals and hear their stories.


Shelley Jane Allen

"Was it possible that every cell in my body had all of those wonderful bits in it? And they could all work together to keep me alive? I just had to find out how."


Sarah Bailey

"My mother says I was always a curious child!"


Professor Simon Baron-Cohen

"I just love the fact that science has been multi-disciplinary and that one has to keep crossing discipline boundaries to go deeper."


Nadia Cerminara

"I try to remember how excited I get when experiments do work."


Ben Craven

"You have to remember that if science was easy and straightforward, it'd be boring!"


Colin Dayan

"Also someone said to me, being a hero is about getting up again when you fall down, not never falling down in the first place."


Professor Richard Gregory

"I have always been interested in phenomena and how to explain them. This covers phenomena of physics and also phenomena of mind, especially perception."


Paul Howard-Jones

"Also, I think all the big questions (what is it to be human, what is consciousness, what is experience etc) seem to come back to the brain - so it's great to be able to work in that area."


Luke Jerram

"Whether you become an expert in jam tasting or a wearer of tall hats, I think if you really are passionate about something you can make a living from doing anything you like."


Stafford Lightman

"I have always been fascinated by the way the body works."


Dr Harry Witchel

"Science has given me the chance to do what I love while meeting and becoming friends with people in so many amazing places."