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Science inspires art


The arts and sciences are sometimes described as separate entities, incompatible and conflicting with each other, but art and science are not so dissimilar. They both require careful observation, dedication and discipline as well as intuition, inspiration and passion. A particular skill can be described as an art or a science - 'the art of the baker' or 'the science of baking'. And both can inspire each other. The human form is often a muse for artists and close-up, even our smallest cells arouse a sense of beauty and awe.


Follow these links to find out about artists who are inspired by science, or scientists who are passionate about art.


Visions of science
Visions of Science is a photographic awards scheme organised by Novartis Pharmaceuticals in association with the Daily Telegraph and with support from the Science Photo Library. The aim of the awards is to encourage ongoing discussion about science.


An open group of women artists and scientists who are continually researching the relationship between art and science in our daily lives.


Luke Jerram
Fuses his artistic practice with studies of science and perception to build installation artworks.


University of the West of England
Students from the Foundation Studies in Art and Design course at the University of the West of England visited At-Bristol and the harbourside area as a venue for their first off-site drawing day.


Dr Mark Lythgoe
Mark has collaborated with a wide variety of artists and has produced works ranging from sculptures to film.