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Memories of you


Emotional events are easier to remember - a frightening teacher, the end of a war or your first kiss. We store these in our 'long-term' memory and can recall them years later.


Do you remember your first day at school, or your first holiday? What other events stick in your mind?


Each of us has unique memories - people, places, sounds and smells that are personally significant. In our exhibition, visitors share their memories by writing them on paper and posting them on a board. Take a look at some of their most vivid memories.


Take a look at what they wrote.


I remember watching Neil Armstrong stepping for the first time onto the moon - it was on a small black and white television at my mum and dad's friends house in Kew in London.

J, age 38

I remember insisting that my mum crushed my first-ever bag of crisps so I could eat them with a spoon.

Adrian, age 26

When I was 11 years old, a boy wanted to kiss me for the first time + I climbed up a tree to escape.


I remember a 1p Oxo cube to eat on the way to school (1945!).


My first memory was when my mum went to clear out the playgroup, I had to stack all the chairs up and pretended to be Superman and jumped off the backs and landed flat on my stomach and cut my chin and had to have stitches and I still have a scar today. I was about 3 years old.

Emma, age 11

I remember when I was little nettles didn't seem to affect me.

Anon, age 9

When my teacher in infants school smacked me when I dropped my school milk on the floor.

Lisa, age 34

Snow!! The first time I saw snow. I looked out of my bedroom window and the garden was white. A sledge was in the middle of the garden with a snowman on it.


I remember being a waiter in the family café - "Mash, boil or chips? Peas, beans, runner beans, carrots, cabbage or onions?"

Anon, age 43

I remember falling out of the car, I was two. My mum tried to help me but I was independent and I tried to get out on my own. My foot caught on the sill and I cut my lip. I had to go to hospital and have a stitch put in - I still have the scar.

Liz, age 33

My first memory is of being about two years old when I lived in America and my dad telling me not to eat snow. I also remember a lot of this like meeting my friends and doing crazy stuff with my family. Unfortunately my memory fades when it comes to maths.


I remember when I was four I got told off for dropping stones in a pond at play school.

Tom, age 9

I remember when me and my dad swam in a river and it was freezing.


I remember my cat eating a robin and in the morning I went out to play and I saw the bird dead on the floor.


I remember delivering my son Jake on the 24th April 1994.


One of my first memories is of my brother being born - I was three at the time, back in 1975.

Anon, age 28

Sat in my pram outside my Granddad's pub with a woody woodpecker. Sat on the bar, the smell was nice to me.

Sue, age 43

I remember eating play dough at nursery school.


Ben never kissed me. Angus went out with another person at the same time he was going out with me.


Blackburn winning Premiership! 1992/1993.


I remember my first day at school. Having to sit next to a little girl I didn't know, when on the next table there was a little girl I did know. I was not very pleased (1966).


Flew to Canada on my own - nearly didn't find the plane (1978).


I remember walking into my mum's bedroom and looking up at her dressing table, thinking…"I'm three" (1984).

Anon, age 20

Dear world,
I can remember being four years old and having bike races with my eight year old brother. I'm 39 now and it's still frustrating to think of losing to him.

Anon, age 39

I remember my first kiss by my boyfriend. That was in 1990.


On the first day at school I wore a stripey jumper.

Stanley, age 6

I remember the snow in 1963. I was 18 months old.

Anon, age 40

I remember my first day at school. I was put into the wrong class. I went into class 3. I was meant to go into class 2.

Abbie, age 12

My dad throwing my dummy on the fire when I was two years old.

Paul, age 36

I remember my 4th birthday party, 31 years ago!

Anon, age 35

I remember when I was very little I moved school and it was a great school, but now I'm moving school again and house. I'm a little scared of meeting new people, oh well it might be fun, because I get my own bedroom because I have a sister and a different house, but I will be sad leaving my dad and my dads wife.

Jessy, age 10

The best thing in my life was when mum gave me a hamster.

Byron, age 6

I remember when I got my snake!!!


I remember being in my buggy as a baby and feeling all the different coats as they passed me.

Jude, age 29

I remember when it was my first day at school we had to find the teddies in the playground and sing 'the wheels on the bus go round and round'. I was 4.

Evie, age 7

I am 62 years old. The first thing I remember was my mother leaving me at nursery, age three, while she worked. I was terrified she would go home without me.

Anon, age 62

I remember my cousins aged 2 and a baby (in a carry cot) before they emigrated to Australia in 1969.

Teresa, age 34

I remember getting a train set from my grandma when I was 2.

Tom, age 10

I remember reading Janet + John books when I was 4 years old. I'm now 42!

Anon, age 42

I remember when my little brother smashed the greenhouse window and I took the blame for him. What a brother, eh!


The first thing I remember is lightning outside my house.

Jenna, age 11

I remember the first time the Cybermen appeared on Dr Who! (Scareeeey).

Barbara, age 40

When I was sick because I ate soap.


I remember falling off my toy truck when I was 4.

David, age 33

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